Why do Ticket & Hotel packages prices vary by game?

The ticket element of the package changes based on the popularity of the match required as well as the availability of tickets for that match.

Do I need a hotel with my football ticket package?

No. You are welcome to book your own accommodation. For Tottenham Hotspur packages, the package includes a travel element. This may be a train, TFL or Uber voucher.

Are tickets and hotel rooms guaranteed?

At Club Journeyman we believe it is essential that our customers feel that their transactions are safe, and secure and that they will receive what they have purchased. 

We take this responsibility very seriously and as such only work directly with football clubs and authorised resellers to provide guaranteed official tickets for you. 

Our promise is threefold, namely that:

- Your tickets are authentic and official

- You will receive your tickets in time for your match 

- You will be refunded if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled

Are tickets for home/away supporters?

Tickets are for home supporters areas unless explicitly stated otherwise. Away supporter tickets are available for some matches on request.

Are tickets sat together?

We guarantee that no support will be left on their own in their stadium and groups of up to four will be guaranteed to sit together. For larger groups than four people we do not guarantee that seats will all be together (for example a group of eight may not be in one row of eight adjacent seats but would at least be in two groups of four) though in most instances all ticket will be together. 

What is the exact seat location for the seats listed?

Exact seat location is not finalised until the fortnight before the fixture takes place. We provide a general ticket location for example. "behind the goal, North Stand" and your tickets will be located in this general location. On occasion tickets will be upgraded to improved seating locations for example from behind the goal to "Longside" at no extra cost. 

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are generally dispatched by clubs in the fortnight before a fixture. To guarantee that your tickets are delivered in time for the game we deliver your match tickets to the hotel that you have booked as part of your ticket and hotel package.

How are tickets delivered?

Tickets are delivered directly to the hotel that you have booked as part of your ticket and hotel package and will be waiting for you to pick up when you check in. Tickets are sent securely via UK Royal Mail Special Delivery and we will advise you of the tracking number so that progress and receipt of delivery can be checked.

Are my tickets paper or electronic?

Your tickets will be e-tickets unless stated. These will be sent to you via your email address approximately 3 days before the match date along with an itinerary.

Why have I been asked for Proof of Billing Address?

Again, unfortunately due to the increased risk of fraudulent transactions you will be asked to verify the billing address of the card used to make your purchase. This check protects yourselves and us against fraud. A failure to provide documents by the deadline will result in your order being cancelled. Please note that we keep your personal information safe according to our Privacy Policy.