HSBC World Rugby Sevens

The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series is made up of 10 tournaments held acrossthe world, in which national teams made up of seven players compete for series points at each round.
An overall champion is annonced at the end of the season based on points accumulated throughout the ten tournaments. The 2015/16 season has seen five new destinations added to the event - Cape Town, Sydney, Vancouver, Singapore and Paris.
There are 15 'core' teams who take part in every round of the Series. Since the 2012/13 season both promotion and relegation have come into effect. Last season Russia were promoted, with Japan being relegated.


The World Rugby Sevens have been going for 16 years. During this time New Zealand has been the main for the trophy, only failing to win it four times, with Fiji winning their second title in 2015.


1999/00 - New Zealand
2000/01 - New Zealand
2001/02 - New Zealand
2002/03 - New Zealand
2003/04 - New Zealand
2004/05 - New Zealand
2005/06 - Fiji
2006/07 - New Zealand
2007/08 - New Zealand
2008/09 - South Africa
2009/10 - Samoa
2010/11 - New Zealand
2011/12 - New Zealand
2012/13 - New Zealand
2013/14 - New Zealand
2014/15 - Fiji

(Images from Singapore RFU)