Emirates Hospitality

How we do it

How we do it

Investing in corporate hospitality can bring great returns on investment. But how can you spend less and maximise the effectiveness of your investment, all whilst improving your client relationships?

Some corporate hospitality companies are not interested or capable of helping you do this. We, on the other hand are as passionate about maximising investments and in cost effectiveness as we are about sport! And, what's more, we know a thing or two about how to do this having spent a collective lifetime of work in consulting, finance and senior management positions focusing on cost management. See Who We Are.

By providing an all encompassing account management approach to every element of your investment from planning through to benefits measurement and including event logistics in between, we help you get the most out of your investment.

Even better, we do all of this for free unlike our competitors who will charge you for the privilege.


Understanding Your Objectives

There are many reasons why you might wish to entertain clients or internal staff. Whether your objective is to improve a client relationship, increase brand awareness or incentivise staff, understanding this driver helps us focus on how we can achieve it.


Matching Your Client to the Event that best suits them

Not all clients are equal, and nor should your investment in them be.   Recognising this and tailoring a strategy for each of your target clients enables you to more appropriately match investment to expected return.  Equally, understanding your client's interests as well as demographics helps us to match your client to the sporting events that they will respond to most favourably.


Outsourcing Logistics

The time and effort your staff spends planning and organising corporate events is time and effort not spent on your business' core activities. Our expertise, experience and relationships with event partners help you get what you need with as little time and effort to your organisation as possible.

Consider us to be a concierge service for your exclusive use. We are happy to completely manage the planning and logistics for your event, provide a helping hand where required or anything in between. Our objective is to make things as easy as possible for you.


High Quality Hospitality & Ticketing

Maybe it should go without saying but actually a lot of companies offering similar services don't really care about the quality of their hospitality and ticketing.  Our ticketing and hospitality is always high quality because we are official partners and agents for every event that we provide ticketing and hospitality for.


Measuring Benefits

Measuring the success of your investment helps improve effectiveness for future investments and provides credible and tangible justification for the investment.There is no such thing as a standard measurement for investment.

Each investment has specific objectives and we look to measure its success against those objectives. We do this both quantitatively typically through development of agreed KPIs and qualitatively through survey and client feedback.

This analysis is then brought together and communicated back to you along with an analysis of strengths and suggestions for improvement. This feedback loop helps to make the investment even more effective going forward.


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